Mentorship is one catalytic factor to unleash individuals’ potential for discovery, curiosity, and participation in research. Mentoring relationships provide developmental spaces in which students’ skills are honed and pathways into STEM fields can be discovered. Positive mentoring and interpersonal connections built through networking can instill a sense of belonging within the scientific community, ameliorate negative organizational climates, and aid in performance and retention. Motivated by this, the Lamat Institute identifies, scales, and disseminates resources for concrete practices that motivate and support the creation of healthy research and learning environments through evidence-based mentoring practices. Our plan is to encourage future Lamat advisors to understand how mentoring can be a tool for transformation and for challenging the status quo, especially when adopting an explicit anti-racist, critical care, and intersectional approach in one’s practices. Workshops and Trainings are available for all Lamat mentors at UCSC and Partnering Institutions. Interested in partnering with Lamat?  Please contact Managing Director, Deana Tanguay